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UPDATE: 08-19-2020



Update for Griffin Bay Book Club Members & Loyal Customers


By now you are no doubt wondering what is going on with Griffin Bay Book Club and why you haven’t heard from us in a while. Since our most pressing concerns have revolved around safely opening the bookstore and managing new operations during a summer in the midst of a pandemic and the resultant public health requirements, we put book club, author events, and other Griffin Bay Bookstore activities on hold.

As facilitator for our book club, I’ve wrestled with how to best continue given the fact that we’ll not be able to meet in person for the foreseeable future. After suggesting going ahead with written communiques, I heard from many of you. What I learned--and from what I’ve read elsewhere—is that many of you are looking for easy things to read and most do not want to submit a book report—this was not appealing, it felt like too much work when our attention spans are shortened, our ability to concentrate is shot. In addition, I know that so many—myself included—have changed their reading habits, spending time and finding pleasure or emotional and mental relief from a gamut of literary genres, dipping in and out of books as needed, meandering. And this may be what appeals to many readers right now. We encourage you to keep roving, and we’ll help you along the way.

Wisdom suggests that the best approach for now is to not try to be normal in an abnormal time, but rather to do something different given the situation we’re in. Consequently, Laura and I have concluded it’s time to temporarily suspend book club until we can meet together again. Instead of limping along with e-mails, or trying to continue with Zoom meetings, we’ll keep in touch with you through a regular newsletter sent via e-mail.

Our newsletter will include book reviews, book recommendations from Griffin Bay Bookstore staff, as well as from you, our book club members and customers. We’d like to hear what you’re reading in just two or three sentences, nothing long and onerous to write. Another goal is to give you regular updates on what’s happening at Griffin Bay Bookstore, to let you know how we’re doing, and where we’re headed.

Griffin Bay Book Club has been, since its inception, a most pleasurable and satisfying endeavor; our discussions so enlightening, so thoughtful, perceptive, and honest. We’ve taken on many imaginative and pertinent books, along the way we’ve been moved, challenged, and offered heartfelt glimpses into human complexities and strengths. And, throughout, we’ve had some good hard laughs, found humor. Your attendance, your attention, your dedication, all have enriched my life as well as the bookstore’s. All of us at Griffin Bay Bookstore thank you for being such stalwart followers, reading the books we’ve chosen and then given them thought and consideration whether you would have chosen them or even liked them that much. Together we expanded our reading, expanded our awareness of literature and what it means to read.

Everyone on our mailing list has been supportive, has cheered us on, and helped us continue as a bookstore, a place where books and ideas, education, culture, literature enliven our community. Without your amazing support and contributions, we would not have survived this upheaval to our social and economic lives. We offer profound and heartfelt thanks.

We’ll be sending our first quarterly newsletter this fall.

Cheers to you all,









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Thursday, August 20, 2020 - 11:30am to Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 11:30am
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