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COVID-19 a TCM Perspective (Large Print / Paperback)

COVID-19 a TCM Perspective By Baisong Zhong Cover Image
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Covid-19 has been a global challenge for more than two years. We do not know exactly how and when this, the worst epidemic in the last 100 years will end, but we are almost sure that it will keep mutating and remain with us well into the future. As globalization and urbanization increase, we will continue to encounter unknown viruses and the so-called Disease X. Since there is no cure yet, we must research and deploy standard and alternative measures.

In China, more than 500 plagues were recorded in the past 3000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine grew up struggling with those mainstream medical crises. TCM has formed mature theories on integrated treatment plans and has accumulated and recorded rich therapeutic experiences.

Diseases like influenza, SARS and Covid-19 have utilized TCM theories and have benefitted from its robust history. This book details TCM 1/4s role in the treatment of Covid-19 in three primary parts.

Initially a retrospection of TMC history of plagues is offered, including the earliest theories of antiserum therapy and ancient vaccines and variolation. This section also includes information on the various schools of TCM and their various approaches in understanding and treating plagues. Next, we explore modern TCM theories on the etiology and pathogenesis of Covid-19. Finally, we discuss prevention strategies as well as treatment of accompanying and underlying patterns and immune disorders associated with Covid-19. We include examples of how early physicians dealt with contagions and patients and how they tried to do their work, but not contract the diseases they were treating. We also include a section on the various stages of Covid-19 infection from initial to critical as well as the sequelae of this infection. TCM has been found to be especially useful in the post-infection phase for patients with lingering symptoms.

This book is based on a combination of scientific research emanating from Western as well as TCM sources.

For practitioners of Chinese Medicine, we feel this book deserves your attention.

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