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Fabre's Book of Insects (Paperback)

Fabre's Book of Insects By Jean Henri Fabre Cover Image
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Jean-Henri Fabre's discussions of insects in the natural world are filled with expressive detail, the author's enthusiasm demystifying the intriguing life processes of these creatures.

Working for several decades as an entomologist, Fabre meticulously studied a variety of insect species, charting their life cycles and defining behaviors. Beginning with a description of his workshop and methods, the author proceeds to describe a succession of insects, such as scarab beetles, cicadas, and praying mantis. What makes each creature unique is discussed; whether it be how they construct their living spaces, how they work alone or in large groups to survive, and how they multiply and raise their young.

Unlike many academics interested in the natural world, Fabre wrote most of his works in a lively, conversational style, his descriptions bursting with both accuracy and an authentic passion for the subjects tackled. These qualities make Fabre's books accessible and readable for those unfamiliar with insects and their habitats. As well as his extensive writings, Fabre made several fascinating discoveries, such as how to predict weather events by observing the behaviors of certain caterpillars.

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