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Green Thumb (Paperback)

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No one is born with a green thumb ... but anyone can grow one! Renowned indoor 'plantspert' Craig Miller-Randle takes you through the basics of helping indoor plants to thrive. <i>Green Thumb</i> is filled with advice that Craig has distilled in his 40+ years of experience. Whether it's choosing the right pot, propagating, watering or getting rid of pests, Craig has all the info you'll need. There are also photographic step-by-step projects, an A-Z guide to the care of indoor plants and loads of styling inspiration. You may think you're a born plant killer, but with Craig's guidance and techniques, you can grow lush, healthy and envy-worthy specimens to fill your home. Maybe you're at the beginning of your love affair with plants, perhaps you're already a collector of rare species or have a home full of plant pets ... whatever stage you are at, <i>Green Thumb</i> will help you select, care for and propagate plants with ease to grow your own lush indoor jungle. <i>Chapters include:</i>· <i>Why grow indoor plants?</i>· <i>Plant A-Z</i>· <i>Potting, soil and containers</i>· <i>Location and light</i>· <i>Water and fertiliser</i>· <i>Temperature and humidity</i>· <i>Pests, diseases and troubleshooting</i>· <i>Styling</i>· <i>Propagating, totems and training</i>

About the Author

Craig Miller-Randle is one of Australia's most celebrated, self-confessed house-plant addicts. With a 30+ year career as creative director and owner of design company MRD Home and 10 years in the horticultural industry, Craig is uniquely placed as a stylist, designer and indoor plant expert. To his loyal followers he not only shares his lust-worthy collection, but also how to create, care for and style plant-filled vistas. Craig is the resident indoor plant expert on ABC's <i>Gardening Australia</i>, where he presents 'The Great Indoors' segment. His styling work has been featured in numerous publications, including <i>Inside Out</i>, <i>Real Living</i>, <i>The Age M Magazine</i>, <i>Herald Sun </i>and <i>Real Homes</i>.
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ISBN: 9781760986469
ISBN-10: 1760986461
Publisher: Plum
Publication Date: March 1st, 2022
Pages: 272
Language: English