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The Door in the Garden Wall (Paperback)

The Door in the Garden Wall By Sharon J. Seider Cover Image
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The Door in The Garden Wall is an exciting mystical adventure, a portal through which one can pass into another realm. Two children, while playing in their garden, discover a door in the garden wall concealed by vines and brambles. When they uncover and open the door, they step through into another dimension. In this fantastical setting the children meet a being named Light. They begin to frame their world of reality by thoughts, and learn valuable lessons and knowledge from Light. Determined to discover the origin of the door, a mystery unravels from a sea captain's journal and old yellowed parchments that leave those who have opened the door...silent. The door has a mysterious past that has endured to present time. So begins an adventure for those who step over the threshold into the fifth dimension. With great fondness, I remember the stories my older sister told me on cold winter nights snuggled down under the covers in our warm bed. These childhood memories nourished the love of storytelling within me. Having lived and traveled in numerous countries for extended periods, this rich lifetime of adventure has set the stage for my imagination. Whether sipping tea with rug merchants in Turkey, or sitting around a desert campfire in India, stories flow from my inner spirit, and are woven from the rich experience living in foreign cultures. Each time we hear a story, our imagination is strengthened. I loved reading to our four children who were born and raised abroad. Sometimes a child needs a story to comfort them. Sharing stories from personnel experiences is a simple way of reaching out and enabling one to keep those they love closer.
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ISBN: 9781662843495
ISBN-10: 1662843496
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: May 14th, 2022
Pages: 134
Language: English