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Arabic Musical Scales: Basic Maqam Notation (Paperback)

Arabic Musical Scales: Basic Maqam Notation By Cameron Powers Cover Image
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Musicians desiring to play the Dance music, the Sacred music or the Folk music of the Arab and Turkish worlds must study these scales. Discover the musical basis for the incredibly rich emotions associated with Middle Eastern music. Forty-Five Arabic Musical Scales are taught in this book. Many scales include "quartertone" intervals. From Cairo to Tunisia, Damascus to Baghdad, Beirut to Aleppo and as far west as Istanbul and even into Greece, musicians know these scales. Long missing from Western musical training, this book now makes these ancient scales available. Knowledge of these scales unlocks an incredibly powerful tool for composing infinitely varied melodies and songs.
If you are in love with a Middle Eastern sounding music scale and want to learn Arabic music and related Indian music scales, you need genuine Middle Eastern music theory which is Arabic music theory. How to write Middle Eastern music involves using Eastern modes, Middle East instruments, and genuine Arabic music scales. Open the door to ROMANTIC & MYSTICAL emotions engendered by playing these maqams This book provides the link for purchasing the practice CD's.

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ISBN: 9780974588247
ISBN-10: 0974588245
Publisher: G. L. Design
Publication Date: March 1st, 2006
Pages: 68
Language: English